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As a mobile game development company, we have millions of ideas for the future but our main focus is to keep doing what we know best: playing the game just like we want to play it.

Those who see life as a game can specify its limits and play it wherever they like. See, we are those guys. We are the mobile game developers, dreamers, designers, musicians, painters, operators, entertainers and especially the most passionate gamers. We’re among those people who are leading the way of playing, making life very enjoyable. That’s why we are all leaders in here. We have no bureaucracy and no hierarchy. Instead, we gather the real gamers for every single position to build our own milestones in our own universe and we invite the whole planet to discover it.

Ever since we cracked our egg, we’ve just wanted to play and make great games that people can play with us wherever they like on all kind of mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones. We have millions of ideas for the future but our main focus is to keep doing what we know best: playing the game just like we want to play it. This is our greatest motivation to always strive for the best. Stay tuned for a new universe to play in.


Every day, everyone at Creasaur gets in the game with this very special code: “Breaking the routine”. A normal day starts with a 20 minutes Tai-Chi session in the woods and every session’s main purpose is to break the routine in our minds and to gain the energy to create something unique.


Every morning, after a 5-minute-coffee-break, we refresh our synergy with a non-formal meeting. In this meeting, everyone is telling something new about anything and anything indeed. We believe that any event or any concept can trigger something new in our minds and that new thoughts can be a sparkle of a fire as essential foundation of a creation process.


Our crew has every single equipment and environment needed to create a new mobile game and its associated products like music scores, marketing elements and cinematics. That’s why we all believe that everything is possible in here.


At Creasaur, there is always room for having fun and relaxing. We all know that a peaceful mind is absolutely necessary to create unique elements for a rich game experience. Therefore, we hit the pause button in between our creation processes for reading some comics or books, exploring the nature with our bicycles, playing some video game or relaxing with some refreshment in our garden.

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