Happy New Year! We hope you all had a fantastic start in 2019! What about your resolutions for the New Year? Our motivation remains our players’ happiness, that’s why all our 2019 resolutions are related to this goal – we have a lot of nice surprises for you this year!

After the holidays, we kept ourselves busy with preparing the first Global Game Jam (#ggj19) ever in our office. We invite you to join a little tour through our #ggjcreasaur site.

Welcome to Creasaurland! The Blue Zone is where we’ll be getting started on January 25th with some first announcements, talks and the streaming of the GGJ19 keynote. Over the game jam weekend, this area remains open for cozy meetings and relaxation.

During the final hours of the GGJ19 on January 27th, we’ll enjoy the presentations and game play videos of every team in this area as well. Oh, we’re already so curious about all the upcoming ideas and projects!

Nobody can work on an empty stomach, of course. The Yellow Zone is the center of culinary delight from breakfast to proper meals, snacks and drinks – and it definitely offers a nice place for a chat in between.

Let’s get started! The Working Space will be cleared for the jammers to install their own computer, laptop, tablet or any other needed equipment. 48 hours of game design and development, creation, combination and teamwork are waiting for the participants. We’re looking forward to hosting amazing teams in here!

For us at Creasaur, it’s very important to work in an inspirational and at the same time relaxing environment, that’s why we also recommend to our jammers to take regular breaks in those 48 hours of GGJ. Hmm, what could be more refreshing than a little traditional round of dart or table soccer?

Welcome to our Play Zone!

By the way, the Working Space that we’ll make available to be used by our GGJ participants is only one part of our whole office. Here’s an insight into The Heart, where you usually find Creasaur’s game designer and development team as well as our art and animation department. They’re working on exciting game projects for 2019 that we can’t wait sharing with you very soon…

Every game contains -in its basic structure- not only visuals and movements but might need some sound and music as well. That’s why our sound designer Tarık opens his Studio for voice, music or sound effect recordings to make the jammers’ games shine even more. He’ll help as mentor in his studio.

In need for some fresh air? Our Backyard will be open for short breaks outside the office. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch some sunny days during the jam weekend 🙂

By the way, our office is located in the middle of a green lung, a quite big Forest where our jammers can go for a walk or a run whenever they need some time off during the 48 hours long GGJ.

Are you ready to rise to the challenge? We can’t wait to spend an inspiring time with all the jammers.

Greetings to all #ggj19 jammers worldwide!