Creasaur Insights: 2D Animation

Aug 02, 2019
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Meet our animation team, who adds life to the objects and characters of our concept artists.

Let’s discover 2D Animation, the power that makes the graphics move! For this part, our animators Gültekin and Gökhan introduced their roles.

Before entering the animation world, Gökhan was working in a completely different field. “When I discovered animation, it was peerless, it felt so magical. Since then, I’m working to improve myself more and more to have more magic in my hands.”

The Move

2D animation can be found almost everywhere in a mobile game. Not only on in-game objects, like characters, but also in UI, ads, teaser and many more. In the end, what would be the purpose of a game without any movement?

The process for animators starts after the concept designer sends them the visuals. First, they piece the visuals for the rig; the rigging stage is like creating bones for the animation. However, the more detailed the rig and objects are, the lower the performance will be, so be careful about it. Plan well, decide on your aim and calculate the minimum actions required. You can play with the graphics and lines accordingly. Then, time to show some moves!

When Gültekin entered this world, there were only the first-generation colored screen phones existing, and he was compulsorily working with pixel art. From there you can understand the importance of deviation, self-improvement, and staying up-to-date. Broaden your horizon by being inspired by others, watching animations, trying new features and following the masters. They will pave the way for creating your own magic, your ability to thinking freely.

Principles of Animation

The quality is at the center of 2D animation, and there are 12 basic principles to follow, introduced by Disney first, for making the quality top of the heap. The only way to reach success with these principles is by keeping working. You don’t need to utilize all of them, but practice all and keep them in mind. Because without these, the theoretical side of the animation might be useless.

Being a 2D Animator?

The animation is a part of childhood, who doesn’t like it? Having a role in a world that everybody loves is an awesome feeling, according to Gültekin. Also, there is the joy and fulfilment of giving life to 2D objects, making them move like high technology puppets.

Being a Creasaur?

“Here we are surrounded by professionals, all of them are the best in their jobs, and this is motivating because this motivation gets us going for improving ourselves every day and coming up with the best output. Creasaur makes us feel like we are the chosen ones.” Gültekin and Gökhan say.

We hope this interview will add some animation to your day. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Thank you Gültekin and Gökhan for adding action to Creasaur!