Creasaur Insights: Concept Design

May 06, 2019
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Concept design is an inseparable part of mobile games. If you haven’t heard of this area before or are not sure what it’s about, we’ll enlighten you. To understand it deeply, we interviewed our Concept Designer Anıl.

Visualizing the idea

Visualization is an extensive concept, scene by scene, you should image the idea with the right environment, objects, and characters. First, by doing raw sketches, you need to make sure that the idea works, which will also help you to be clear on the idea. The idea should be interesting and appealing to the user. This process might take time since, without a worthy idea, the upcoming progress will be trashed. When the idea is verified, the research process starts; search for ideas and concepts to see if there’s anything that inspires you. Don’t forget to brainstorm on what enhances, what supports or what kills the idea.

Now, get your sketchbook in hand! Start with basic sketches, sketching down things on your mind. Then make a clean copy of them, and enjoy the design process. Play on color, anatomy, structure, shape, and everything you desire. Adobe Photoshop is good for this work, but if you want to convert your design to 3D, Autodesk Maya and Zbrush can be used.

The essentials: Structure, Form, and Color

The idea should be strong and interesting. Since the idea is the basis of the concept development, understand and absorb it well. If the idea is sweet and cheering, avoid sharpness and accuracy in the design. Another concern is functionality. Imagine that you designed an armor, but the person who wears can’t move his arm because of the mis fitting design, awful. So, while designing the concept be careful on supporting the idea and having a fit on everything in a scene.

Being a Concept Designer?

Anıl enjoys his work a lot, he says that embodying the idea to a tangible form is a fulfilling work to do since you’re the creator; you decide on the world, the universe, colors, characters, objects. It’s exciting to have this role and present your work to gather attention on it.

Being a Creasaur?

“Communication style at Creasaur is so open up, anytime I have a problem or I need to discuss, it’s easy to reach that. Also, I have enough freedom to show my own style. This is my motivation to be at Creasaur.” he said.

We hope this interview helped you to get the spirit. If you have a question about concept design or being a concept designer, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you Anıl for being our Concept Designer and creating such awesome work every day!