Creasaur Insights: Game Development

Jul 18, 2019
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Developing games can be a real dream job – what should you know before working in this area?

Did you ever wonder about the magic touch that makes designs come to life? That is the developers’ job. In this interview, you’ll find out more about mobile game development. Our developers Savaş and Umut let us have a deeper look into this field.

Savaş suggests: “Stay curious and be hungry for more knowledge, this is the key to become a successful game developer.”

The optimum

The work for game developers starts after the game designer sends a game design document. According to this document, the infrastructure can be set by considering the plan, the data structure, the back-end side and the processing of the data. For instance, pop-ups are a part of the infrastructure that receive user data, so you need to determine how to process and keep that data and server connections at this point.

It’s time to move on to in-game mechanics. Think about pliq’s top-down movement, it’s given life here, the gameplay is created.

Testing is an inseparable part of development. But why? Because during development there might be some incompatibilities arising during the gameplay, like bugs, slowdowns, overheating problems, etc. The center of attention is finding the optimum point during programming. Writing a working code is not enough, it must be kept simple and we are looking for efficiency. That’s why ongoing optimization is required.

Research, research, research

The development industry is so dynamic. Keeping yourself up-to-date both with the people and the technology is crucial. That’s why you should interiorize game development as a lifestyle, not as a job. Because if you don’t nurture yourself continuously, you’ll end up being underdeveloped.

If you wish to enhance yourself in this field, get professional on researching. Search for the most efficient ways of coding according to your necessities, try to do better than the others and your own previous accomplishments, put goals for yourself and, once achieved, set them higher. Try hundreds of times. Stay egoless, admit your mistakes and challenge yourself.

Being a game developer?

“Revealing a game by unifying parts, developing games that people love and receiving acclaims is amazing. The ongoing development as a person is another pro that we appreciate, there is always a challenge or a problem, being the solution finder is very fulfilling.”, Umut summarizes.

Being a Creasaur?

The Team is everything here. Everyone here has the right to speak, to step in or to contribute something to others during the process. Seeing different perspectives and getting the ideas is formative, both for the project and the people. 

Hope this interview strengthened your knowledge on game development. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you, Savaş and Umut, for the magic you create!