“I used to see everything in 2D, but it was inadequate to reflect reality. I’ve found vitality and dynamism with light, and this completely amazed me,” said Merter.

Light is the only enemy of darkness and by playing with the light, you can beat the darkness and create a feeling, actually a real mood for the user. To become this fighter against the darkness, you need to utilize the assets very well, move them with the story and recompense the previous work on the project.

How is the process?

Internalize the story, mood, characters, objects, etc., because it is essential to be aware of the next move. Picture the whole scene in your mind, and decide to where you should give the focus by creating an order of importance among the assets. After the lighting is done, rendering will provide you a chance to see the whole scene.

Rendering is important and it takes time, so it is better to proceed to the rendering when you are sure about every dynamic. The better the render, the less work will be left for the compositing.

Mastering the light

“Observe” is the keyword. The world exists because of light. So, you do not need to climb a mountain like a bird watcher but need to realize the environment around you. Observe how light changes direction upon edges and objects; how it reflects on different materials; how it creates shadows.

Observe the previous works done and follow the professionals and the industry, you’ll be fascinated by the development and the works done by studios like Pixar and DreamWorks. It’s an essential part of mastering the light, be the Padawan first to become a Jedi.

Then, get your computer and explore the enormous features of the programs. You can only learn how to use them by experiencing, so create a cube -or any solid objects-, then play with the light on it, as Bulut did at the first place. Don’t forget to be patient and practice, even if you feel like a bumbler. It’s an important part to get the result of your efforts!

Creasaur encourages us to improve ourselves, in this field and any other that interests us, it’s a great advantage of having everything in-house.

Being a Look Development Artist?

There is no limit in this field, you always need to push yourself to reach perfection but obviously there’s no such a thing. Everybody has an idea on how light should look like, and if you do something mismatched with the scene, it’s easy to realize and this can ruin the mood, view, actually everything done on the project. So, be patient and work on it until you can say it’s almost perfect.

Being a Creasaur?

“A second, third, even fourth opinion is necessary for our work. That’s why we are glad to work with highly skilled people that are always standing by us.” according to Bulut. “Also, Creasaur encourages us to improve ourselves, in this field and any other that interests us, it’s a great advantage of having everything in-house.” Merter explained.

We hope this interview makes your scenes shine! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you Bulut and Merter for being a part of Creasaur and creating fascinating work every day!