Creasaur Insights: UI/UX and Art Direction

Jul 10, 2019
Career, Game Art, How We, Team, UI/UX

We find it very important to develop user-friendly games – discover our art director’s perspective.

Get ready for today’s Creasaur Insights because we’ll talk about a crucial part, UI/UX Design, and Art Direction. For this episode, our Art Director Eda is guiding us.

The bridge

Eda connects the art and the development side with a strong consideration for the user. To do this, she is involved in the whole process, from concept generation to product launch.

“If the communication is strong and well-managed, the result comes in rapid succession.”

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are a big part of it. After concept development, you have to design the UI in line with the concept and make sure that it is applicable to the UX and the game development. Of course, aesthetics is an inseparable part - never neglect to nurture your creative side.

When the assets are in hand, you should composite them and create UIs by placing the assets according to your concept. At this point, the consideration should lie on the development. Rend complete visuals to the pieces, turn them into a tileable form to make them developable, and send them to the developers together with the references. It’s important to stay in touch with the developers during all the process to answer their needs and give feedbacks. After all that, it’s release time!

Here is a tip: The better the tileable of the visual, the easier and neater the job of the developers will be.

The user

The user is located at the center of everything related to this field. On the one hand, UI and UX have some technical standards but on the other hand, there are also aesthetical point of views to consider (like suitable colors and their coding or a convenient balance of the objects’ sizes). It is important to align the technical with the artistic side. It might be that you prepared a stunning visual but it has to be at the same time corresponding to the standards and pointing the user towards the right way. So, always follow the recent trends and think user-friendly.

Being an Art Director?

I love thinking from an aesthetical perspective and enjoying everything related to visualization and graphics. That’s why I find my job very satisfying. Also, the team I’m part of is motivating me because they all are precious professionals and I want to sustain a clear and constructive communication with them.

Being a Creasaur?

At Creasaur, I’m feeling the freedom. I have the chance of enhancing myself in any field I want. I’m currently working on 3D graphics, for example, just because I am wondering about it. The only limit is our imagination, there is no nonsense opinion, what we are doing is always receiving value. I’m so happy and feeling lucky to be here. 

We hope this interview has been useful to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you, Eda, for being a Creasaur, and creating marvellous work!