Reviewing previous projects together

Mar 05, 2019
Event, Game Concept, Game Development, Team

Creasaur regularly reflects on its work – not just individually but as a team, of course!

Oh yes, you haven’t heard from us for a while... Time flies when you’re having fun at work, doesn't it?

End of February, our team celebrated its Refresh Fest - a tradition at Creasaur. Besides usual brainstorming and project meetings, we’ve reserved a full day for sharing project insights, lessons learnt and inspiring game ideas with our colleagues from every department. Art, 3D, Animation, Game Design and Development, Marketing, Data Analysis - colleagues of all areas presented to each other what they’ve been working on over the last few months.

On top of that, we reserved the evening for our foosball tournament and a gorgeous concert.

Result? Fresh energy and a lot of refreshing plans for the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned..!