Money Maker 3D - Print Cash

Money Maker 3D – Print Cash

Who wants to be a millionaire?

It is one tap away to do so! Let’s create a cash printing empire! All you have to do is unlock mechanics such as color sorting, printing, creating holographic stripe foils, cutting, sorting, shredding fake ones and bundle your bankrolls to the your safe!

Money Maker 3D - Print Cash has been published by Rollic Games and hit #24 in Games category, #8 in Simulation category and #11 in Casual category on the App Store (US) on the day of its launch.

Print your own money!

Who wants to be a millionaire? It is one tap away to do so!

Let’s create a cash printing empire!

All you have to do is unlock mechanics such as color sorting, printing, cutting, seperating fake ones and bundle your bankrolls to the your safe!

Graffiti Artist: Spray Paint

Graffiti Artist: Spray Paint

Dozens of awesome graffiti!

If you search for stress relief games to reach a peaceful mind, this the best ASMR game for you!

Encourage yourself to simply become a graffiti artist and enjoy the ride. Think about traveling all over the world as a graffiti creator. It’s a satisfactory mural game that has patterns, spray, peace, calm and also peaceful sounds. With spray paint art and asmr relaxing sounds skills, you will also gain a taste of murals.

Dozens of awesome graffiti!

Learn mechanics simply!

Move your finger around the screen to master the stencil art! Choose colorful sprays and feel the peace! Unlock hundreds of premium colors!

Discover the world and create graffiti!

You have a free ticket to travel world cities for graffiti art! Feel like a real graffiti creator who paints, through an easy spray painting game!

Hundreds of graffiti!

Besides the hundreds of graffiti and spray paint art, by doing a world tour, you will gain more fame. Isn’t that satisfying! We offer you the whole world without being trapped in a single screen.


We strongly recommend that you play this ASMR game and experience the peace, art, paint, and design environment to meditate yourself with ease.

Food to Go 3D

Food to Go 3D

Serve food, own food network!

Feed hungry customers and become the king of the entire food network around the world.

Own different restaurants, serve various cuisines such as tasty snacks, cultural drinks, bakery, connoisseur seafood, delightful salads, dessert, vegan organic meals, ice cream, natural vegetables, master chef jobs, baked goods, gourmet, spicy Indian dinners and many more.

Food to Go 3D is a kind of game that you don’t have to get stressed about how you're gonna serve all those customers! All you need is tap and make customers happy! Serve amazing dinner recipes to hungry people as the owner of the best restaurant in town! With the delighted customer, colorful food trucks, gastronomy character simulations this experience oddly satisfying.

This is the most insanely fun dash game ever!

This addicting adventure is not the hunger games! All you need to worry about is culinary and new ideas in food. Your kitchen design makes your kitchen toys easy to use. All the other cafes and the master chef will be listening to your success story.

Be the owner of management. You don’t even need to prepare or bake ingredients. Create a business plan, search for the food truck and gather dinner recipe.

What are you waiting for?

Are you bored? Do you stress? Are you fed up with old-style cafe games? Drinking is not the answer! Come and join this ultimate relaxation.

Shopping Wars

Shopping Wars

Run fast & collect useful items!

Let’s test your skills with this addictive dodgem style gather to win, multiplayer game!

Humanity is shaken by this ongoing pandemic! People are panicked. Queues in shopping malls are infinite. You have a very limited chance to gather whatever you need to survive before the long quarantine starts.

The stocks are limited and the condition is chaotic more than ever! Race against other players who are customers just like you to collect the most items to stay safe at homes such as toilet papers, sanitizers, masks, wheat, pasta and all kinds of meat including bacon! The shopping list keeps going on and on.

This game is truly a time killer, stress reliever hit!

Run fast to checkout as soon as you are full to keep gathering for more! Keep all items safe at your basket! That won’t be easy! Everyone else is rushing! Everyone has a reason to steal your products! Don’t let them! Use power-ups, secure your shopping basket by customizing, buying or upgrading new and powerful cart and try different tactics.

  • With one finger easy to play machines,
  • Hundreds of different shopping malls and levels,
  • Colorful, fun and powerful shopping cars
  • Competing with millions of players around the world

Sparkle Boutique 3D

Sparkle Boutique 3D

Create clothes, manage a shop!

Create unique patterns by cutting & sawing fabric, pressing and ironing, and applying most colorful and relaxing sequins. You can always paint your fashion design, tailor.

Jean trousers, sissy skirts, dope hoodies, street style sleeves, blushy blouses, fabulous t-shirts, stylist shoes are ready for you to saw, spray, and wholesale.

Your customers will make your shop studio crowded more than ever!

Folding, wrapping and making your clothes ready to gift is truly addictive.

Top models, rockstar, celebrities, queen even influential fashion designers are waiting on queue to dress up by you.

Just decorate your showcase, idle the prices and sell various sequin designs.

This calming shopping game offers everything from ASMR to stress relief. It is totally OCD free.

Swap Puzzle 3D

Swap Puzzle 3D

Swap landscape by your memory

There is a line between chaos and order! Come to the order side!

Think yourself as a mayor of the city. Not just cities but also buildings, parks, streets, gardens, landscapes, Hollywood studios and airports. Swap Puzzle 3D is a kind of game that always satisfy your curiosity. Dozens of 3D designs waiting for your command!

Trust your memory! Why? Because Swap Puzzle 3D gives the exact order for challenging your memory! Distinguish this game from other easy games! Swap Puzzle 3D will train your brain with amazing 3D art!

Test your memory!

Keep your mind awake and train your brain. Remember the given order of the city. Try to swap pieces to systemize puzzle!

Amazing 3D landscapes waiting for your critical thinking skills to reach an order!

Come and swap like a boss!

Fit the matching pieces, swap them and relax!

Be careful, this game contains high doses of addiction!

pliq: A Marvelous Puzzle Game

pliq: A Marvelous Puzzle Game

A brand-new puzzle challenge

Ready to enhance your mind with this new puzzle challenge? Create and match jelly blocks – but combine them by thinking backwards. The endless game design allows you to play anywhere and anytime. The more you build blocks, the more you get points. You have the whole power in your fingers to increase your score – and challenge your friends all over the world!

pliq is available in 14 languages on the App Store and on Google Play.

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pliq has been featured by the App Store as 'Game of the Day' in more than 100 countries so far!

The Shape of Things: App Store Story

The puzzler Pliq focuses on the concept of negative space—everything in an image that isn’t there. Your goal is to fill in negative space cube by cube. Your reward? Riotous explosions of color.

Pliq plays like Tetris in reverse. Rather than maneuvering shapes to fill spaces in a wall, you’re replacing missing chunks of the wall before it reaches the bottom of the screen. You’ve got to suss out where the gaps are, then tap and swipe to quickly create shapes to fill the holes.

Every time you successfully build a row of gooey jelly cubes, it bursts into a satisfying spray of color and sound. The more rows you remove at once, the more points you score. Opting to make the wall descend more quickly with the speed-up button also gives your score a boost.

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MasherZ: Merge'n Smash Zombies


Merge’n Smash Zombies

Alert! Insane zombies arrived in town and you’ll be at the wheel to run them down. More precisely, you’ll command your drivers to hunt these creatures and ultimately smash them. Your job is to provide more and more powerful (and lethal) vehicles by merging the different trucks, vans and race cars to make them stronger and to wipe out the mutated monsters. Keep going, full attack!

MasherZ is available worldwide on the App Store and on Google Play.

Check out for more details.


So, get your position at the boss’ chair to lead the ultimate zombie annihilation! Merge the MasherZ, evolve them, and get them right on to the road where all zombies are wandering around, and let your lethal speed machines smash all of them.


God knows who have done an obviously dangerous experiment which has caused an epidemic but thanks to him (it’s always a ridiculously ambitious he); the good old zombie extermination business is on the table again. But now, it has four monstrous wheels, one hell of an engine and the most toughest pack of avengers at the driver’s seat who has swore an oath to wipe out all zombies. The hunt is about to start. But all they need is a commander, a leader, a brain… And that is you!

There's always more of them!

Here’s some bad news; there’s not just those simple, limping around ones. There’s also more bigger and faster ones too… So, keep uniting your cars for further enhancement to wipe out more advanced versions of those evil creatures. And remember, they’re always increasing in numbers. That means; no sleep, full attack!


Don’t worry boss! We’re all ready as we’ve never been before! Of course, we’ve developed more solutions to put an end to this epidemic. There are very helpful power-ups for extra strike force. When the time comes, don’t hesitate to use them for the sake of the team! We’re fully ready when you’re ready to start!

pliq: Epic Clash Arcade Puzzle

pliq: Epic Clash

An epic arcade puzzle

pliq’s colorful jelly-like experience turned into a battlefield in its new version: Epic Clash! Be on your guard against malicious zombies and grim demons. Fight back with your fearless knights, dazzling dragons and heroic kings and queens by using your experienced puzzle skills. Observe the upcoming pattern of enemies and build a perfect match with your army!

pliq: Epic Clash is available in 14 languages on the App Store and on Google Play.

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Luca: The Dreamer

Luca: The Dreamer

A fabulous puzzle-platformer

Join Luca, a cute football in an alien costume, on his journey to some of the most exciting places in the world. Watch out for various challenges on his way and make use of Luca’s special move abilities in this entertaining game available on the App Store and on Google Play.

Luca: The Dreamer is available in 7 languages and has been featured on the App Store in 55 countries.

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Luca: The Dreamer promises to a solid soccer-themed adventure, with polished visuals, high-quality music and sound effects, challenging puzzle-platformer gameplay, and a world-hopping variety of environments to visit.

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