Graffiti Artist: Spray Paint

Dozens of awesome graffiti!

If you search for stress relief games to reach a peaceful mind, this the best ASMR game for you!

Encourage yourself to simply become a graffiti artist and enjoy the ride. Think about traveling all over the world as a graffiti creator. It’s a satisfactory mural game that has patterns, spray, peace, calm and also peaceful sounds. With spray paint art and asmr relaxing sounds skills, you will also gain a taste of murals.

Dozens of awesome graffiti!

Learn mechanics simply!

Move your finger around the screen to master the stencil art! Choose colorful sprays and feel the peace! Unlock hundreds of premium colors!

Discover the world and create graffiti!

You have a free ticket to travel world cities for graffiti art! Feel like a real graffiti creator who paints, through an easy spray painting game!

Hundreds of graffiti!

Besides the hundreds of graffiti and spray paint art, by doing a world tour, you will gain more fame. Isn’t that satisfying! We offer you the whole world without being trapped in a single screen.


We strongly recommend that you play this ASMR game and experience the peace, art, paint, and design environment to meditate yourself with ease.