pliq: A Marvelous Puzzle Game

A brand-new puzzle challenge

Ready to enhance your mind with this new puzzle challenge? Create and match jelly blocks – but combine them by thinking backwards. The endless game design allows you to play anywhere and anytime. The more you build blocks, the more you get points. You have the whole power in your fingers to increase your score – and challenge your friends all over the world!

pliq is available in 14 languages on the App Store and on Google Play.

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pliq has been featured by the App Store as 'Game of the Day' in more than 100 countries so far!

The Shape of Things: App Store Story

The puzzler Pliq focuses on the concept of negative space—everything in an image that isn’t there. Your goal is to fill in negative space cube by cube. Your reward? Riotous explosions of color.

Pliq plays like Tetris in reverse. Rather than maneuvering shapes to fill spaces in a wall, you’re replacing missing chunks of the wall before it reaches the bottom of the screen. You’ve got to suss out where the gaps are, then tap and swipe to quickly create shapes to fill the holes.

Every time you successfully build a row of gooey jelly cubes, it bursts into a satisfying spray of color and sound. The more rows you remove at once, the more points you score. Opting to make the wall descend more quickly with the speed-up button also gives your score a boost.

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