Shopping Wars

Run fast & collect useful items!

Let’s test your skills with this addictive dodgem style gather to win, multiplayer game!

Humanity is shaken by this ongoing pandemic! People are panicked. Queues in shopping malls are infinite. You have a very limited chance to gather whatever you need to survive before the long quarantine starts.

The stocks are limited and the condition is chaotic more than ever! Race against other players who are customers just like you to collect the most items to stay safe at homes such as toilet papers, sanitizers, masks, wheat, pasta and all kinds of meat including bacon! The shopping list keeps going on and on.

This game is truly a time killer, stress reliever hit!

Run fast to checkout as soon as you are full to keep gathering for more! Keep all items safe at your basket! That won’t be easy! Everyone else is rushing! Everyone has a reason to steal your products! Don’t let them! Use power-ups, secure your shopping basket by customizing, buying or upgrading new and powerful cart and try different tactics.

  • With one finger easy to play machines,
  • Hundreds of different shopping malls and levels,
  • Colorful, fun and powerful shopping cars
  • Competing with millions of players around the world