Sparkle Boutique 3D

Create clothes, manage a shop!

Create unique patterns by cutting & sawing fabric, pressing and ironing, and applying most colorful and relaxing sequins. You can always paint your fashion design, tailor.

Jean trousers, sissy skirts, dope hoodies, street style sleeves, blushy blouses, fabulous t-shirts, stylist shoes are ready for you to saw, spray, and wholesale.

Your customers will make your shop studio crowded more than ever!

Folding, wrapping and making your clothes ready to gift is truly addictive.

Top models, rockstar, celebrities, queen even influential fashion designers are waiting on queue to dress up by you.

Just decorate your showcase, idle the prices and sell various sequin designs.

This calming shopping game offers everything from ASMR to stress relief. It is totally OCD free.