Swap Puzzle 3D

Swap landscape by your memory

There is a line between chaos and order! Come to the order side!

Think yourself as a mayor of the city. Not just cities but also buildings, parks, streets, gardens, landscapes, Hollywood studios and airports. Swap Puzzle 3D is a kind of game that always satisfy your curiosity. Dozens of 3D designs waiting for your command!

Trust your memory! Why? Because Swap Puzzle 3D gives the exact order for challenging your memory! Distinguish this game from other easy games! Swap Puzzle 3D will train your brain with amazing 3D art!

Test your memory!

Keep your mind awake and train your brain. Remember the given order of the city. Try to swap pieces to systemize puzzle!

Amazing 3D landscapes waiting for your critical thinking skills to reach an order!

Come and swap like a boss!

Fit the matching pieces, swap them and relax!

Be careful, this game contains high doses of addiction!